LUSS Caving pictures

Pictures produced by LUSS members.

The copyrights of the pictures in this list are owned by their respective authors. Permission has been sought before placing them in these archives. You may copy them provided they are not used for financial/commercial gain.

The following are a list of links to pages of photographs taken around Britain and further abroad.
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Pictures from around Yorkshire

By various LUSS members

Yordas Pot

Vespers Pot

Marble Steps Pot

By Mike Dollenger

Ascending Marble Steps
(1st pitch)

Descending Marble Steps
(1st pitch)

Ireby Fell Pot

By Sean Butler

Rigging a ladder

Above the Well Pitch!

Hagg Gill '97

By Geoff Beaumont

A nice gallery

The entrance pitch.

Spain '94

Taken during our 1994 expedition to the Eastern Picos in Northern Spain.
By Sean Butler

The Cheese Cave
(3rd Pitch)

The Cheese Cave
(4th & 5th Pitches)

Spain '95

A four page photo-diary of the expedition.
By Geoff Beaumont

Pico del Macondiu:
behind our campsite

The Cheese Cave
(4th pitch)
Andrew Brooks has a short photographic summary of the expedition.

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