Angus requiem at Loch Tulla


The little promontory island on the loch
along the heather path from the old bridge road
Looking on to the shining golden grey liquidised mirror
the rippling waters of the loch radiant under the midday sun
Hugging the frosted frozen loch moon
the hills all around snow capped fairy tale spun

Among the trees of the old world forever
ash, birch, the proud scots pine
fresh mountain air settling around the still loch
the River Tulla taking time.

Angusís ashes are laid to rest
around the roots among the trees in the knot
around the broad barked helms of sturdy trunks
ashes to dust on white snow
a shared time to choose the place
Over the loch a silk white view
Snow under foot, passing the grace
Twelve witnesses gather round, their heavybooted prints.

In the moments of silence before the smiling photographs
I try to remember the lords prayer
Only parts forward in my mind
Hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come for ever and ever
This comradeship of the trees

I remember the easy walks in recent years
from Tulla, Osian, the road to Crianlarich
Angus woolly faced loose tooth grinning
easy going man of dreams

Evaluating testing kits for micro electronode resistance
cellular connectivity and co matter.
I didnít understand it then.

Save it on a CDR, DVD, or plasma disc
One sunny day we will see it all rewind
Among the blooming heather
Away with the wash of the Orchy river.


Jerry Peterson