Society Of Lancaster University Graduate Speleologists

Pendlefest 17th December 2005


From a base in Clitheroe, under the looming flanks of Pendle Hill, two intrepid teams ventured forth on a very cold but dry day.

The walkers: Phil, Rosie, and Dave Brown, summited from Barley via the reservoirs, and verified their ascent with a photograph on the summit.

The cycling team forgot to take any photos, but evidence of their journey can be corroborated by the bartender at the Pendle Hotel in Barley, who will remember serving quantities of beer, chips, and sticky-toffee-pudding to the group of nine on their 23mile circumnavigation of the eponymous hill.

Just outside Sabden the cyclists split into three groups:

The Tandem, Ken and Matthew, who powered off to put the kettle on; the Tigers, who powered uphill to the Nick of Pendle in order to enjoy the steep descent; and the Saunterers, who didnít power anywhere but went the scenic route just for fun.

All returned safely for a convivial evening of food and drink at Ken and Anneís, after a great day out in the fresh air.


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