Raw Head - Langdale - October 2005

Phil, Chris, Eleanor, Nicky and Pete attempt World Domination

Slugs take over the World

Phil ('I want to rule the world to ban Christmas music in shops') Johnstone failed twice to take over the world, in the games of Risk (so we will have to listen to Christmas music in shops yet again). On Saturday Pete succeeded his mission by making a power base in S. America. In the second game Nikki crawled back from almost extinction to win.

Sunday walk

Rosie was the tallest when we were about to set out for our walk.

Can you spot the dead tree in front of the wet Slugs?

Ken, Eleanor, Phil and Matthew

Ken, Matthew, Phil, Eleanor and Rosie at Raw Head Cottage

Ken and Phil by a waterfall

Rosie, Phil, Anne, Matthew, Pete, Eleanor and Ken at a waterfall

Waterfall Walk On Monday

The rain on Sunday night and Monday made the waterfalls very impressive.

Pete, Anne and Phil inside the shelter Rosie and matthew inside the shelter Eleanor and Ken inside the shelter

The Shelter

During the walk we felt the need to have a rest in the orange shelter. (It was its first trip out since the time it went down gaping gill.) Lots of hot juice and choccy biccies were devoured.

By Eleanor Owens

The Alternative Sunday Activity

... A run to investigate the little visited National Trust Bee Holme, which turned out to be an island, surrounded by the 'Christopher-eating' swamps , thus explaining the lack of footpath marked on the map.

The running team- Anne, Richie, Pete, Chris and Phil

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