Daresbury Lab Open Day - October 2005

Typical Saturday morning which included rain, rain and more rain? We had to leave at 9:30 only to be the first ones there and to have nothing to do! Pete soon had to do his first job helping set up the place.

They burdened us with maps (as if they thought we were going to get lost, though not surprising because Eleanor was with us!)

Typically the Daresbury people wanted my dad to wear a sky-blue polo shirt with a massive question mark on his back (in case someone got lost or something like that).

We went to a science lab first that had nothing interesting apart from an experiment which was measuring the speed of light with chocolate (the best bit was eating it).

Christopher Next we went to a marquee that was packed; half of it was a café that only sold baked potatoes. I did this thing that you had to mix glue and food colouring to make a horrible gluey-bouncy thing.
David definitely knows how to fight the goo monster! David gets stuck in
Christopher's raft I also made a magnificent boat named after the magnificent Arsenal which held 1600g! Emily obviously admires my glorious galleon!
a molecule of alcohol Later Matthew and Pete were found by a giant molecule that looked like a dog wetting a lamppost (they obviously haven't toilet trained it yet then).
There was even a madman waving a stick around, along with the mad SLUGS making a racket blowing down metal tubes. the band
"What happens
if I stick my hand in here?"
Ken investigates a magnet "I Dunno"
Matthew, Christopher and David "Can't finish my sandwich now! I'm too caught up in the action" complains Matthew.

Emily and Anne asleep

But it wasn't so with Emily and Anne.
By the one and only CHRIS OWENS
(notice all the glorious England shirts in the photos)

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