Society Of Lancaster University Graduate Speleologists

Notts II report


On 24 September 2005 a frightening number of Slugs (20?) gathered in Bernieís to attempt to set a record for the most people down Notts II at the same time. Had someone told them there was free beer in there? Nevertheless we all managed to get to the entrance, on a beautiful warm sunny day which made the idea of going underground seem a little silly.

The entrance shaft was dug through what seems like hundreds of feet of fill and is rather like climbing down a building site at night. Eventually one reaches actual solid rock and after a crawl and a few slithers the passage stops descending and becomes a large inlet canyon. This joins the main streamway which fortunately had very low water.

We turned downstream and after an interesting waterfall climb we all gathered in the final chamber for a photo opportunity. (It isnít the actual end of the cave but only a few people were mad enough to crawl right to the sump.) I believe that birthday cake was available, for Niki anyway, but I didnít get any.

Then back upstream for some 1.3 km Ė possibly the longest continuous walk in a British cave and certainly a classic Yorkshire stream canyon. Eventually the pleasure finishes at a couple of deep pools and then Curry Inlet turns off left. It contains no curry but some stunning pure white formations, which we attempted not to put muddy hands on, unlike previous visitors.

Some Slugs decided that they werenít wet enough and visited the upstream sump, making a smooth and efficient exit half-an-hour after the bulk of the party. I counted them all down and I counted them all out Ö actually I didnít, so if anyone is missing, let me know.




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