Mistral Hole - January 2006

Phil and Rosie
The Team - BEFORE Phil Ellen and Bill

To start with there was a short climb down a ladder. The ladder hung from a pole that was firmly held by a bit of moss! Next there was some crawling round tight bends, which I found scary (but I was the only one.) We also had to crawl in sticky mud, which was hard work. At the part where we ate chocolate Phil noticed a grotty looking dig and Dave's eyes lit up.

Dave and Jes went back quickly to join Kenny at the hut. Phil, Rosie Pete and I went into the Hall of the Mountain King, where we met the Boothroyd team. It was really fun sliding down the river of glutinous mud but getting back up was harder and we kept sliding down again.

We took the last photo before the batteries ran out on our camera of everyone muddy, but if we had been able to then we would have taken a picture of Pete posting his oversuit through the letterbox at Bernies. It took a long time but it did fit. It must be the tightest squeeze the oversuit has done, certainly it was a good job Pete was no longer wearing it.


The Team - AFTER

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