Society Of Lancaster University Graduate Speleologists

Buttermere Party December 2006

Friday night, five Slugs are sitting in front of the fire in the coach house enjoying a nice bottle of wine.

Saturday dawned fine despite a week of torrential downpours. We all scambled to get outdoors. A lovely walk up Warnscale Bottom and over Haystacks. The highest peaks, Gable, Pillar etc. were actually capped by about 100 foot of pure white snow.

During the afternoon and evening more bodies arrived mostly having been for a walk on the way. By the time of the meal there were 15 Slugs squeezed in. After a bit of lubrication and warming up, Jes and Gill attempted to teach us all how to Salsa!

Sunday was another fine day and Roo turned up. We all walked over Fleetwith Pike and enjoyed a very sunny lunch on top.

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