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Patterdale Christmas Meet 15th-17th December 2017

As we all gathered on Friday evening, the cottage was rather cold, but with both fires blazing and our usual animated conversation we soon warmed the place up. There was plenty of snow on the fells and a cold clear night outside as we made our plans for Saturday. All approved of Phil’s suggested route and in the morning we set out for Boredale Hause (in two parties because Slugs always has a few stragglers, and Phil doesn’t hang around!) The route went past Angle Tarn and Angle Tarn Pikes, and it was here that the sun came out and we were treated to superb views of the Helvellyn Massif. We all reconvened just below The Knott and ate our lunch together. At this point the summits were clouding over and half the party felt the pull of the cottage fire, but a hardy (or foolhardy?) team of 5 continued on, to the summit of High Street, Thornthwaite Beacon and down Pasture Bottom arriving back just as it got dark. In the meantime, Linda and Dave arrived at the hut, nipped up High Street, and were descending while the main group were still prevaricating about Up or Down!


Cosily settled by the fire with fairy-lights twinkling, we reinvigorated with cake and flapjack and numerous cups of tea before starting on the evening. Everyone’s edible contributions complemented each other, and a superb banquet was enjoyed by a group of 14, (with a plate set out for Jes, who it later transpired had come the wrong weekend…oops..) before more fireside conversation lasted long into the night.


Sunday dawned wet and many suddenly found they had important engagements elsewhere. However a party of 7 slugs walked around the Lake before returning to the hut to polish off the last of Howard’s Christmas cake. Then we played with Chris’s drone in the carpark; so sophisticated that it seems alive as it homes in on your face and lands on your outstretched hand! (And check out the circular photo below)


The Daykins, Owens, and John stayed on until Monday and were rewarded with a superb sunny day and a great walk over Place Fell, rounding off a great weekend.

1. Above Boredale Hause

2. Angle Tarn

3. Helvellyn behind

4. Lunch stop

5. High Street summit

6. Striding out

7. Thornthwaite Beacon

8. At the Banquet

9. Place Fell

10. Drone's eye view

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