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Sunday 24th September: Caving Trip down Notts 2

There seemed to be a bit of apathy where caving was concerned, but with Dave Mullin prepared to come up from South Wales, John Gardner persuaded out of hiding, and Phil for once not visiting either of the grandchildren, Anne and Ken ferreted in their loft with some keen anticipation and kitted themselves out in long-forgotten woolly bears and boiler suits.

Knotts 2 is the perfect old timersí cave; yards from the road, and not difficult. Not too long hard or wet, requires no tackle, and even has pretties. John knew it well, told us where all the little inlets went, and made sure we didnít get lost. A great little trip, followed by the obligatory mugs of tea in Bernieís afterwards.

Might even put caving on the meets list again next year!

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