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20th – 21st May 2017: Weekend in Jedburgh With Howard

Howard’s cottage near Jedburgh is a great base for a wide range of activities from strenuous to slothful, but somehow the party of ten all seemed in agreement and sallied forth as a group both days. Saturday the weather was pretty dire, but we had a very enjoyable wander round Dawyk Arboretum, with its fine collection of trees and plants from all over the world and its tales of the original intrepid collectors. Adventure and exercise were both achieved by shunning the circuit for disabled and pushing Ritchie and wheelchair up the steep uneven bits. Then we all felt we deserved our coffee and cake.

Sunday the Coytes announced they wanted to go to Hadrian’s Wall, and it turned out most of us had never been. Much better weather, and we had a nice sunny walk on the section near Housesteads Fort. Followed by icecreams.

Howard clearly should have had a career running a guest house. Home-made soup, healthy salads and vegetarian cooking, with orders taken for full English breakfasts… Nothing much left over except a rather large collection of empty bottles! An excellent weekend, and just for the record, on Monday Anne and Ken redressed the balance from slothful to strenuous with a vigorous blast on bikes round the red route at Glen Tress.

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