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Anderton Boat Lift, March 2017

A different event from our usual fare came up this weekend, as Pete and Meg organized a visit to the Anderton Boat Lift.

Of course, to make a full day of it, we decided to cycle in from Warrington. The plan was to ride out, have lunch in the café, take the boat trip, and then cycle back for a meal.

It was at this point that things started to take a turn for the unfortunate. The weather, which was already somewhat dubious, deteriorated very rapidly after we set off, and true to form we arrived cold and wet, to find the café overloaded with people from previously cancelled tours, and the lift apparently out of order.

To the relief of all, the lift began moving again while we were having our lunch, and our trip went ahead as planned. Thirteen slugs enjoyed a trip up the River Weaver, complete with a primer on the history of both the boat lift and the local area, and topped off with a ride on the lift itself.

The ride back became an impromptu adventure of its own when we decided to detour to the birthplace of Lewis Carrol. After visiting the site of the house where he was born, we also visited his father’s church, before riding home just in time for tea. all agree that the nut roast was delicious!

Thanks again to Pete and Meg for organizing the trip and a lovely meal for us all!

PS. Can you spot Alice and some of Lewis Carrol’s characters in the stained glass window?

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