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Slugs in Clitheroe: 19th/20th March 2016

Ken and Anne planned a weekend based at their house in Clitheroe, with great local walks and guaranteed sunshine (honest!) Until the last minute it looked like it might be a quiet weekend; a Sunday walk with Pete and Meg. But suddenly the email started popping…

Tony and Penny could only manage Saturday afternoon, so the four of us plus dog had a trip up Pendle Hill from the Nick. Conditions underfoot were dry, weather was bright, so we could concentrate on talking the entire time!

About ten minutes after they set off home, Jeanne and Richard, Ritchie and Sarah were here, quickly followed by John. Beers were opened, food prepared, conversation flowed until bedtime…

In the morning, Pete, Meg and Eleanor arrived, shortly before Jes and Kenny, and then the Browning family. Three departed, with jobs to get on with, and eventually a group of twelve set off up Parlick and onto Fair Snape, leaving Ritchie to sit in the garden. Lots of catching up to do (verbal catching up you understand – the walking was at a relaxed pace). Nice views, if a little hazy, and the paragliders were out in force.

Back at the house a chance to sit and chat some more, with rounds of tea and toast to keep us going till the meal was cooked. Finally, in the evening, every-one departed after a weekend that was as much about Talking as Walking, but was lovely on both counts!

Some peoply pictures:

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