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Rawhead 12/13th December 2015

Twelve happy Slugs assembled at Rawhead in Langdale for our pre-Christmas get-together. Anne and Ken went for a bike ride on Friday, visiting Dunmail Raise, where the main road spectacularly collapsed in last week’s flood. The rest of the party arrived early evening, to a cosy hut and roaring fire. Saturday dawned somewhat snowier than forecast, and with a group reluctance to drive anywhere (or even to walk very far!) we stayed in the valley, following the footpath past Bays Brown to Elterwater. Of course Ritchie was confined to the hut, but there seemed no shortage of volunteers to keep him company(!)

Saturday evening was a culinary success and excess; as usual the varied contributions all went well together in a good balance of main course and pudding. Replete, we returned to our armchairs to group-knit gloves (yes really!) answer quiz questions, and listen to poetry…what a wild bunch we are!

On Sunday the weather was improved, though a good length of time was spent clearing the ice so we could drive away. The main group went to Rydal, and had a very pleasant walk along Loughrigg Terrace and round Rydal Water, finishing with tea and cake in Wordsworth’s house. After that our only task was to finish up the left-over food at Rawhead before we went home.

Altogether a thoroughly pleasant and sociable weekend. We forgot the Port and forgot the fairy-lights, but no-one seemed to notice!

1. Dunmail Raise

2. setting out

3. Dungeon Ghyll

4. Woolly Christmas everybody!

5. laffing

6. scoffing

7. Anne Pete Mary Meg John

8. John, Pete, Mary

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