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Mary and Ewanís Hot Tub Birthday Party May 2015.

The party kicked off in the hot tub on Friday night. On Saturday a remarkably large group of Slugs made it to Crossflats railway station and didnít miss the train. At Saltaire they wandered shoal-like into Salts Mill, split and separated into Coffee or Culture, and still managed to emerge as a group again to liaise with the arrivals from Bradford (Remember Mary started life not as a Slug but with Bradford YHA group). They successfully found Pete and Meg, and later Phil and Elaine, and it was a party of nineteen that arrived at Dick Hudsonís Pub for lunch. Leaving the Pub, we had a bracing walk over Ilkley Moor and down to Ilkley via White Wells Spa Cottage, where we were informed that the Victorians used to pay 0ne and thruppence for a Cold Plunge. With preferences more in favour of beer and a hot plunge, we caught the train back to Johnís.

The evening party was very well attended and very well supplied with lots of excellent food and cake. The hot tub proved to be a popular attraction, with a steady flow taking to the water even at 11pm!

Sunday was a day for relaxing and conversation on Johnís raised patio. Thanks to John, Mary and Ewan for their excellent organization.

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