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Slugs weekend in Langdale. 12th -14th December 2014

Ten Slugs gathered on Friday night for a pre-Christmas get together in Langdale. Up went the Christmas tree and fairy lights, and we sat around the fire, keeping the freezing night at bay. On Saturday morning we awoke to find it snowing steadily. Plans for a walk over the high fells were abandoned for a lower level wander, and three more Slugs arrived to join us.
We had a lovely scenic walk above Elterwater, with a thin snow cover and mist in the valleys producing delightful effects. We arrived back at our cars just before dark and returned to the hut, which Richie had now nicely warmed with a roaring fire, for Christmas cake and Dave’s poetry. Later we had a varied and tasty ‘Jacob’s Join’ accompanied by fine wine and ale.
By Sunday morning the weather was completely different, steady rain and strong wind. So we stayed in drinking coffee while John showed us some of his excellent pictures from Namibia and Ken and Anne shared pictures from Tenerife.
After prevaricating till lunch-time, the six who still remained had a quick trip down memory lane in Cathedral Quarry – always a fun excursion since the now-grown sluglets were little squidgets. It was dark by four, and still raining, but good weather isn’t necessary to enjoy a weekend in the Lakes with your friends.


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