Society Of Lancaster University Graduate Speleologists

Clougha Pike. Saturday 8th February 2014

Despite the weather forecast thirteen Slugs and Sluglets turned up for the walk and all arrived very near to the appointed time. Phil and Rosie had organised a relatively ‘bog free' walk, so our feet stayed drier than anticipated. The very brisk wind kept us all moving and it looked like we might not have a lunch break. However, the area is a playground for posh shooting types, so we ate our butties sheltered from the wind in a rather smart luncheon hut, normally used by the shooting fraternity, and descended to the valley on a well-maintained landrover track appropriate for green-wellied types.

After lunch we viewed Andy Goldsworthy's interesting sculpture, nicknamed (by Phil and Rosie) 'The Three Loos'. Rain arrived later than anticipated and we only had to walk for half an hour in the wet. However, arriving in the carpark, John patted all his pockets and announced he'd lost his keys! We all patted all his pockets (getting wetter and wetter) till every-one was convinced that they were indeed totally irretrievably lost.

In the evening a trip was made to Keighley for spare keys so John could get in his van, while Phil and Rosie fed and entertained us all and we shared our “lost key” stories.

A great Sluggy day, memorable and entertaining!!

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