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Borrowdale December 2013

The weather forecast was dire! Storm force winds and torrential rain on Saturday. However, Sunday held out a glimmer of hope with colder, drier conditions possible.

Anne, Ken and John met at the hut in Rosthwaite on Friday night and hatched a plan. Too windy to risk going up a mountain, so we would walk around Derwentwater. The rain started mid-morning and the wind was so strong we speculated on the danger posed by falling trees, of which there were already plenty. A long stop in the boatyard cafe for tea and enormous tasty scones provided a welcome respite from the battering but meant we had to do the last few miles in the dark. At the end of the walk Ken wrang the water out of his teeshirt and judged his waterproofs unworthy! Inside a good crowd of Slugs had already gathered and the fire had been lit. There was a good buzz of conversation as we caught up on each otherís news. When all the edible contributions were put together we had a great meal, and talked long into the night, as Slugs tend to. During the night the penalties of age started to show as one slug regaled us with his outstanding snoring, which continued even after he was roundly abused several times in the night.

Sunday dawned clear and cold with the promise of a fine day, so everyone got ready as quick as they could and we drove to Honister pass, heading for Great Gable. There were lovely views of Buttermere and Pillar from Moses Trod and soon we were on Green Gable, where the rain threatened to start. We made it up and down Gable in spite of the strong winds, and descended via Aaron Slack to Seathwaite. From here a short walk brought a cunningly positioned car into view. The drivers headed for Honister to collect cars, and the rest walked back to the hut.

A good fun weekend and a nice social gathering before Christmas. Thanks to all those who kept the faith and turned up despite the weather forecast. Hereís to next year.

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