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Hutton Roof Sunday 13th November 2016

In between the coast and the Dales, with fine views befitting of an upland plateau but not too much ascent (or more importantly descent) for Pete’s knackered knee, Hutton Roof and Farleton Fell was a great choice for a Sluggy day out. The limestone pavement and karst scenery is unique and lovely, and the woodland resplendent in autumn colour. It’s an area easy to get lost in, but Pete brought along a couple of maps from past orienteering events, which mark every significant boulder, so we could navigate a route and avoid “forest: fight” (That’s an orienteering term btw)

The only downside was the lack of a suitable teashop and the fact that the rain crept in before it was forecast, so the assembled group (Daykins, Owens and Brownings) got rather damp in the car park because they couldn’t stop talking!

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