Society Of Lancaster University Graduate Speleologists

Calf Holes. Saturday 23rd November 2013.

We all arrived at The Pen Y Ghent Cafe at roughly the same time. It was shut! Worryingly some were keen to go caving straight away, so delaying tactics were needed. Our convoy of cars drove towards Selside until an open tearoom was discovered, where we filled the car park and all piled in. Over several cups of tea and satisfyingly large bacon butties we caught up on each other’s news – mostly enquiring what the various children were up to.

All too soon we had to go caving. At High Birkwith we got changed in the bright sun and then posed for various photos before stomping off to Calf Holes. Phil efficiently rigged the entrance pitch and soon some very traditional life-lining was demonstrated as we all descended the ladder. A nice splash along the stream-way was followed by some entertaining wriggling and crawling as we looked for the way on. Through the letterbox and down a rope climb then more splashing along the stream-way and we were out in daylight.

Back at the tearoom for tea and toasted teacakes we all agreed it had been an enjoyable trip and maybe we should go caving every year.



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