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Slugs weekend March 23rd-24th 2013

The plan was to go mountain biking at Llandegla and then stay with Howard and Jo. The large amounts of snow in Wales meant Llandegla was closed and Jo snowed in. After hiding indoors on Saturday, by Sunday we thought it was time to go out.

A walk up Great Whernside from Kettlewell was proposed and after roping in Anne's climbing buddy Bern we set off. Getting there was a mini adventure with snow drifts across the roads causing accidents, diversions and very unusual sights. We met up with John at Rob and Annie's and after enjoying hospitality set off again.

One near hit later we were finally in the car park. There was plenty of snow but only in the valleys and snow drifts; the moors themselves looked bare. We walked up Dowber Gill Beck to Providence Pot and even considered climbing in to have lunch out of the wind.

Over the top to Hag Dike where we finally experienced the full force of the wind and the snow pouring endlessly down from Great Whernside summit. "Teashop" we all thought and agreed enough was enough. On the way down we encountered these unusual raised footprints.

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