Society Of Lancaster University Graduate Speleologists

Borrowdale 19th - 20th January

A cosy little group (just four of us) arrived on Friday evening. We went to the pub and talked of Wellingtons, Winnie the Poo, and Lighthouses...
On Saturday we walked from Walla Crag to High Tove, and if you don't know where that is, it's probably because it's an area best avoided in all conditions except drought or freeze! Fortunately we had the latter, and furthermore we were below the cloud-level that made Skiddaw to the north and Helvellyn to the east look thoroughly uninviting. An excellent choice for a walk, we returned to Rosthwaite via Watendlath.
Ritchie joined us for Saturday night, and Richard and Karen came over from Cockermouth to visit, so we had a sociable evening doing our best to boost the European Economy (or possibly just drinking wine and eating multicultural food).
On Sunday the same team of four walked over High Spy and Maiden Moor, returning on the Allerdale Ramble as dusk approached. Ritchie went mountain biking.
Not as much snow as expected, and although it always looked threatening not much fell from the sky either, but it was very cold and wintry. As always we had a very pleasant weekend, both indoors and out.

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