Society Of Lancaster University Graduate Speleologists

Helwith Bridge weekend 6th – 7th October 2012.

The plan was to meet at the Helwith Bridge pub. Go walking and mountain biking, celebrate in the pub after, then camp behind the pub and do it all over again on Sunday.

Fantastic weather on Saturday saw a good turn-out of 13 SLUGS, including a rare sighting of Tony and Penny Coyte. A group of nine went walking up Pen Y Ghent and a smaller group of Jes, Ken, Phil and Ritchie went mountain biking around Ingleborough and the Pen Y Ghent area. The good weather and good views ensured everyone had a good day. As did a pint at The Bridge in Horton.

We all had a good meal in the pub afterwards and then some went home while the hardy few braved the hordes of the Bradford Pothole Club (who appeared to be celebrating something in the same pub as us) and stayed until midnight.

Four camped and John slept in his van. There was a very heavy frost overnight but a spectacular sunny morning on Sunday. By the time we started cycling we were down to a group of four. We cycled over the Cam High Road to Wharfedale and back by a different route with superb views and weather. Thanks to John who thought up the idea and had previously ‘road tested’ the pub.

Photos from Mike Avison and Ken Daykin, Copyright: Slugs

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