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Slugs weekend in Borrowdale :
17th/18th December 2011.

Six Slugs set off on Saturday to walk over the Borrowdale Fells above Rosthwaite. It was a cloudy day but the snow was good high-up. The depth of snow made for slow going so after crossing Bessyboot and having lunch near Tarn at Leaves we dropped down into the Langstrath valley. From here we took a pleasant low level route back to the hut.
On Saturday evening numbers rose to 10 and we all enjoyed a fine meal and an evening by the fire. A disaster (or at least a disappointment) was narrowly averted, when crossed wires sent the Owens family to the wrong hut. They stood on top of the Bowder Stone in the dark, utilizing the minimal mobile-phone signal, but got no response so they resorted to the good old-fashioned ploy of knocking on doors. Arrived just in time to provide the pudding!
Sunday dawned clear and sunny with superb views of snow clad hills above green meadows. Ritchie and John opted for mountain-biking and the rest walked up past Rigghead Quarries to the summit of Dale Head. Cold on top but with superb views. We returned via Honister Hause, Seatoller and the Allerdale Ramble.
Good weather and a very quiet Lake District made for an enjoyable pre-Christmas weekend.

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