Society Of Lancaster University Graduate Speleologists

Slugs weekend in Borrowdale : 17th/18th December 2011.

Phil was organizer and guide for this trip. He warned us that it would be a miserable walk to the entrance in bad weather, and that the entrance passage was welly-deep water, which prompted John to ask the very pertinent question "just above welly-deep or just below welly-deep?"
Torrential rain and high winds meant that it was indeed a miserable walk up, but eleven of us (in our tallest wellies) braved the elements, braved the glutinous mud and water in the entrance tunnel, and enjoyed ferreting up and down all the various passage-ways. There?s not a lot to see, but Buckden Gavel is worth visiting if only to marvel at its extent. It takes a couple of hours to explore all the person-sized tunnels, without climbing into the smaller seams.
A very sociable way to spend a wet Saturday, and theWest Winds café in Buckden, where we eventually ended up steaming gently by the fire, is highly recommended.

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