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Bill and Elen's Pre-Christmas Jolly: 12/13th November 2011

Bill wanted to cook a turkey in the AGA. Suzy wanted to go climbing. Anne wanted to flaunt her melons. (Dave and Linda wanted to go to Scotland, but their car broke down)... The Fates slithered into alignment and produced a cracking weekend.
Most of us met at the Roaches on Saturday morning, where the weather was mild enough for some very pleasant climbing. Rosie went for a walk, providing a great opportunity to meet her in the Pub, though Ken refused to come down off the crag till it was dark. Meanwhile, Elen wrestled a turkey into the oven and nipped off for a bike ride. The evening saw us all back at Bill and Elen's house for roast turkey dinner, with starters, puds, and veggy options, and a steady flow of wine.
On Sunday we went for a walk, but we had to go back and eat up all the leftovers before we were allowed to go home.

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