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Bivvy Meet 9th Ė 10th July 2011 :
A fine and varied weekend

Seven Slugs, Virgins and Horny Toads (I donít understand that either) cruised into Upper Eskdale and erected tents at Samsonís Stones. Jes and Kenny, armed only with a grid reference, found their way to the same location (on the same day)!!
Climbs were climbed, walks were walked, whisky was drunk, and the world was put to rights. It rained in the night but Sunday dawned bright and we were woken by the sounds of a shepherd and his dog rounding sheep on the hillside. We were well impressed until we worked out that there were about five men and eight dogs.
On Sunday everybody disappeared in different directions: Jes had already been up Scafell before breakfast, so headed off with Kenny, to the deep swimming pools down-river. John and Suzy went looking for a scramble. Anne and Ken headed back to Esk Buttress for some Derring-Do on the rock, while Matthew preferred to walk up Scafell Pike and beyond, with Bill and Elen.

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